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Ideas welling from the fount of Faber Optimé.

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Bluetooth Headset

Now Bluetooth headsets are quite prevalent, some being extremely small (e.g. the 5G headset - just 5 grams in weight!).
However to date these have all been technically designed for the mobile phone market.
Increasing availability of Bluetooth on personal computers highlights a current deficiency. Whilst Bluetooth headsets are adequate for Voice over IP (VoIP) applications, they are not suitable for speech recognition (sic) applications, such as Microsoft Windows Tablet Edition, Office 2003, Dragon Dictate, etc.
Whereas phone calls require relatively low bandwidth to be effective, speech recognition demands much higher quality audio to pick up nuances such as the difference between "f"s and "s"s or "b"s and "p"s, found in parts of the audio spectrum not so well served by lower bandwidth.
Additional Bluetooth specification issues muddy the water.
Thus we still await for the perfect headset to emerge:
  • Small and leightweight - easy to forget you're wearing - unobtrustive
  • Wireless
  • Provides not only telephony but also verbal computer control and dictation and other sound applications
  • Low power, high availability

Personally I'd like to also have an optionally pluginable ear piece on fly lead to attach when I want to listen to my MP3s in stereo too.

Date & Time Posted 11:50 PM, Monday, May 01, 2006, by Faber Optimé.
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