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Ideas welling from the fount of Faber Optimé.

You saw it here first!

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all herein is original work, with all rights reserved - but if you like what you see, why not drop us a line?

Let the Information Flow...

This site embodies some holistic thinking in coalescing a number of technologies to create most effective communication - after all, that's what it's all about!
Primary publishing technologies used include: Microsoft Frontpage for site/page design and use of Blogger technologies.
The former provides a robust framework for sub-/site assembly and general page design, including navigation - a key aspect.
The latter provides a method for extremely dynamic publishing capability. Utilised in addition to other tools and technologies delivers rich HTML automatic email delivery and RSS and ATOM newsfeeds.
Blogger also provides extremely well for authorship-anywhere - another research interest. In addition to its full blown web interface, a number of additional leightweight pubishing interfaces are provided. This provides immediate, user-overt infrastructure for comments and track backs (another blogging technology), as well as a myriad of possibilities for publishers...
Photos and notes jotted on your cellphone PDA available on the web and delivered by email to all site subscribers before you're back to your desk anyone?
Anyway this site is all about communicating information. Research shows that internet users are primarily users of email and the web, typically (though by no means exclusively!) using Internet Explorer.
This web site is as content-rich as possible; with complementary, content-rich automated email, generated automatically from the same source publication.
To efficiently find what you need, decent Search technology is vital. An effective (free!) implementation is shown top right.
Readers should note an additional, critical design objective of this site is that it be of minimal cost to build and run!

Date & Time Posted 7:52 PM, Monday, May 01, 2006, by Faber Optimé.
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